CAESAR'S PALACE / Virgin / Sega Genesis
In the 16-bit incarnation of Caesar's Palace, you now play as some office shlub with bad posture, who has decided to pop around after work and blow $1500 of his money for some reason. Possible problem gambler. Anyway, this means that you now have an animated sprite that you move around the casino floor, instead of dragging an arrow around a totally static picture ... I guess it's technically an improvement, but obviously not enough to gain the game another point in the ratings.

The main thing that dragged the 8-bit version down still rears its head here ... games having generally slow interfaces, with a lot of unnecessary dragging and clicking. The one game that's improved here is poker, which had the worst interface of the bunch on the NES. It's still only the most basic video draw poker here, though - no tables, dealer, or other players.

Unfortunately, blackjack has gone straight to shit in this version. They've put it at a table in this one and added the presence of a dealer ... but for some reason they communicate entirely through weird hand gestures, and the buttons are all confusing and bizarre. I assume you're either playing against this guy, or this game takes place in the dystopia of Manhunter.

Whatever the case may be, the other pointless games are here and are pretty much the same. Only addition is keno. Lol, who wants to play Keno.
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