OFFROAD THUNDER / Midway / Arcade
Hey, they did the Hydro Thunder engine justice! Taking it out of the water and infusing it with a hearty dose of redneck/Wal-Mart/Idiocracy spirit does absolute wonders for the game. Well, that, and adding varying modes of play - there's a race mode similar to that of Hydro Thunder, but you can also play a demolition derby (where the winner is determined by overall damage done at the end of 3 laps rather than position) and a "capture the flag" mode (winner determined by time spent possessing the flag over 3 laps ... ram the flag carrier to snatch it from them.)
Like Hydro, the graphics haven't aged well, but this one trades more on the sheer anarchic fun of playing rather than graphical splendiforousness, so it holds up much better; it's particularly fun for multiple players in demolition derby or "capture the flag" mode.

The one downer - if you play the actual arcade machine, it's basically one race per credit; finishing first as a solo player is just the same as finishing last, you have to insert another credit to play again. If you want a nice home version, however, check out Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for PS2, Gamecube and O.G. Xbox.
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