Snoopy Concert is both a rare Peanuts-themed game, and a rare game that features the SNES Mouse as the preferred form of input. You don't absolutely need it as the game can also fully be played with a gamepad, but it does make one particular section a lot more manageable.

It's a collection of mini-games centered around the theme of Snoopy and the gang putting on a concert. I didn't totally follow what was happening with the story as it was released only in Japan; Aeon Genesis made an English translation patch, but they used that UPS patching system rather than the old IPS for this one, and for whatever reason I can never seem to get UPS patches to take. Anyway, most of the mini-games really have nothing to do with getting a concert together; you just pick one of the available characters from the menu, and they each have their own unique brand of shenanigans you have to guide them through in point-and-click style.

Rerun has the most action-oriented segment, as he careens out-of-control through the streets in a shopping cart, and you have to click on obstacles (as well as to either side of him to speed him up and slow him down to compensate for hills) to remove them from his path before he hits them. Linus's section actually features Snoopy primarily, as the player has to guide him (via Woodstock yelling orders at him) in a race to bring a flower to a girl and get up in her booty before some other dude does, then a jumping race up the side of a cliff. Schroeder's segment has the same play control as that of Linus, and we are also controlling Snoopy via Woodstock again, but this time it's more of a self-paced adventure game, as you have to figure out how to use objects in the environment to get past obstacles. Charlie Brown's segment is also very adventure-game-like, but this time you have to solve a mystery by wandering about talking to people, taking statements and uncovering clues.
                                    How u like them apples broh

Overall the game clearly seems to be pitched to younger kids, but there's still a surprising level of challenge; Rerun's levels take a solid level of fast-twitch ability to survive (this is where the mouse really helps), and Snoopy's precision jumping segments in Linus' level can be a little frustrating. For the most part the game is playable without the translation patch as it's so simple and self-explanatory, but you'll hit a wall with Charlie Brown's segment, as it's very text-heavy and requires you to understand the dialogue to make choices. So I didn't get past that bit, I presume once you've completed all four segments successfully however, you can click on Peppermint Patty and/or Snoopy for a final challenge and the titular Snoopy Concert. There's no battery, but the game gives you passwords that look like phone numbers after you complete each segment.

It's a neat concept that can be surprisingly challenging at times, has simple but pleasant art and music (by Nintendo's Hip Tanaka), and is respectful of the Peanuts license. Seems like with a little polish it would be a good release for modern Android/iOS touch-screen devices.
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