RESIDENT EVIL 2 / Capcom / Playstation 1
I first played this on the Dreamcast about 12 years ago, and I liked it enough then to finish the game with both Claire and Leon Brosef Kennedy. As my roomate at the time can attest, I ended up having to barely beat the final boss of Leon's scenario with the knife in some epic duel of running about frantically, because I ran out of ammo. Even if you know what you're doing, Resi Evil 2 is so ridiculously tightfisted about ammo it's easy to unknowingly back yourself into an unwinnable state, what with the narrow corridors packed full of monsters that you can't simply run through constantly.

Between that, the clunky tank controls (completely and unapologetically unrefined from the first entry), the constant load screens between rooms, and the often ridiculously cheap enemy placement and camera angles, I had zero desire to try and complete the thing again with either character. Resi Evil 2 goes even harder with the "foreknowledge required" approach than the first game did, where you're often punished harshly for not knowing exactly what's ahead. This of course leads to trial-and-error deaths aplenty, lots of running about and loading screens, and generally a bunch of wasted time.

Honestly I think this entry may have held up the worst out of all the original games. When difficulty comes from intentional nonsense limitation of the player's abilities, it's immensely frustrating. Why do you have to turn like molasses? The character can clearly see the whole room when they walk into it; why am I stuck with some bizarre camera angle that's up their nostril? And if the game is going to be so punishing about misusing clips of ammo at the wrong time, why am I saddled with a limited save system? Apologists will defend all these choices with the usual "BUT IT ADDZ TO HORRAR!!!11!", but they were already kind of shit when the game came out and they haven't improved at all with age.

Still, 3/5 I guess for doing atmosphere so well, and having an impressive design of multiple interlocking scenarios (which was much more ambitious than they actually had to do to move the same amount of copy), and so nobody whines too hard. "It's for who it's for" is the laziest of reviewing, but in this case there's really nothing better I can say - it's for old-school Survival Horror Masters of Recursive Unlocking with a bit of a masochistic bent. Great experience for them, clunkfest for everyone else.
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