These days Chester Cheetah seems to have retired to a quiet life of trolling random working people at their place of business. Back in his heyday, however, he was a guitar-shredding drug dealer with the legs of a young Sonic the Hedgehog. He may have been Too Cool To Fool, but the 8 year olds the game was marketed at certainly weren't, seeing as they actually wound up making two of these things for SNES and Genesis.

It's a clumsy platformer that moves incredibly slowly and has one of the most drawn-out jump animations I've ever seen. The game looks like it was knocked out pretty quickly on a minimal budget; all you do is walk right and jump. Standard sloppy cheap corporate product tie-in procedure, basically.

The raw amount of Engrish in the production was a lulzy surprise, but otherwise there's absolutely nothing remarkable here. Well, perhaps Chester's bizarre "ground hump" animation when you crawl (which otherwise seems to be a completely pointless and unused mechanic). Just your typical terrible sloppy licensed game from the period.
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