2XTREME / Sony / Playstation 1
2xtreme came out only a little under a year after 1xtreme, so it's sharing the exact same engine - if there's any refinement it's so minor I can't really tell. It thus has an "extra levels pack" sort of feel to it - more Road Rash-esque racing on man-powered conveyances, this time with 4 new locales - Las Vegas, Japan, Africa and Los Angeles.

Wait, only four? Didn't the original game have five? Yep. That's not the only downgrade - instead of using any type of vehicle in any track, each track is confined to one vehicle type. While it was complete nonsense to see someone luging through the streets of San Francisco, it also added to the game's charm, particularly when you kicked them in the head from atop your bike. Welp, we're all done with that now, time for Srs Xtreemee Bizness. The menu system also manages to be slower and more confusing than the first game, whose menus weren't exactly a prize-winner to begin with. They did add the option to create your own character here, however.

I still like the long and varied course design, but otherwise the game is too slow, dated and clunky to bother with.
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