DEVIL WORLD / Konami / Arcade
Devil World was clearly Konami's attempt to horn in on the popularity of Gauntlet, but they do it up even bigger with much larger and more elaborate sprites, a varied range of backgrounds in outdoor environments, and even periodic boss battles. The game was also never released in America for some reason, though there were European and Australian versions; I distinctly remember seeing it here in an arcade when I was a little kid, though. I'm not entirely sure but I think it was a Chuck E Cheese too ... never knew Chuck E had such an outlaw side when it came to territorial distribution rights!

Anyway. It's ambitious, but not entirely up to the task of being "the bigger and better Gauntlet" that the designers clearly envisioned. Hit detection, for starters, is iffy, particularly when trying to pick up something, or near the edge of a pit (leading to a lot of cheap-seeming falls to your death.) There's segments where you have to jump across crumbling rope bridges that just feel frustratingly hacked together and choppy. In MAME it's not that big a deal, but in original arcades that must have been quite the quarter drain. And it's always good for a laugh when some giant mud monster rises up out of the ground with dramatic music ... only to die 2 seconds later thanks to a couple of crossbow shots in the leg. Bosses are similarly anticlimactic as they just take so little to bring down and shamble around in poorly programmed style.
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