OK, so here's what happened with me and Persona 1 PSP. I played contentedly on le commute for maybe 15 hours or so, generally pleased that this port/remake had adressed nearly everything I complained about when I gave the original PS1 game a 2/5. Then I ran into this giant robot teddy bear boss that I beat, but he seemed to have a mysteriously huge amount of HP compared to previous bosses, so when I got home I went online to see what the deal with that was. And then found out that fighting the teddy bear meant I was locked onto the "bad ending" path, which was about to cut off most of the rest of the game for me as well. This happened because, in the conversation prior to the boss battle, I got sick of choosing the generic "Stoic Japanese Warrior" answers that these fucking games always expect from you, and didn't take it all that seriously. The game lets you merrily proceed from this point for quite a ways without letting you know you're fucked apparently, so I just quit while I was ahead instead. God forbid I not treat a vidya like Deathly Serious Business at all times, right Fatlus?

So that's one major thing that this port doesn't fix - the general trollish nature of the first two Persona games in general, which will let you overwrite your saves into a no-win position with no warning whatsoever. And though the game restored the Snow Queen branch of the story that was notoriously axed from the English-territory PS1 release ... unless you're already intimately familiar with the game you'll never find it, as it requires some insanely obscure series of steps at some precise time that are totally counterintuitive and against whatever the story is telling you to do at the moment. Moar Trolling of anyone who isn't already a giant fanboy and/or devoured a strategy guide prior to playing.

Aside from all that, though? This is actually a pretty well-handled revamp of the game. It's certainly a lot more playable. The horrible localization has been entirely replaced by much better text, and the ridiculous whitewashing of the character art is gone. Though "demon negotiation" is still fundamentally a matter of random guesswork, at least it's not AS random thanks to the better translation. And the Velvet Room works more like it does in Persona 2, with automated "guided fusion" available so you don't have to guess at what you're doing, as well as a whole menu of help with every subject. The horribly slow 3D town map you had to manuever through in the original has been replaced by a much more zippy overhead map just like that of Persona 2. And Shogi Meguro contributes an all-new soundtrack full of the same sort of delightfully incomprehensible lyrics as in Persona 3 and 4.

The battles could have stood some tweaking that didn't happen here, though. Ability to attack the enemies still hinges on where the character is physically standing, but you still can't move them at all once in a battle, only in pre-set formations (which you can only keep four of) that can only be changed between battles. A lot of them are also still frustratingly random, with enemies simply having totally random immunities or shields to things that you don't find out about until you try and hit them with it.

Persona PSP is improved enough to at least get one extra point, but probably still a little too much for anyone but the most hardcore / old-school.
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