Dossun! is yet another among many clones of Puyo Puyo, Magical Drop and etc. - the "Competitive Shit Keeps Falling" genre, if you will. Two players (or solo against a computer player) compete to try to rattle off big combos against each other, dumping unremovable blocks into the other player's space and generally being a dick.

Aside from actually having two little animated characters on the playfield lobbing attacks and spells in each other in real-time, however, Dossun! is unremarkable, not really doing anything a number of other games haven't already done before it. Well, that and the fact the game is Goin' Hard right from the jump with no adjustable difficulty, apparently expecting you to have played at least one of the numerous other Puyo clones out there previously and already have a grasp on how to build up combos.

Competent, but also quite derivative.
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