MIA / Konami / Arcade
The Green Beret/Rush'N Attack series returns with this sequel, which stars you as another Rambo John J. clone on a hobo-shanking rampage against the Enemies Of Freedom.

It came out almost 4 years after the prequel, yet doesn't seem to be a very big technological jump forward outside of slightly bigger sprites and slightly more elaborate backgrounds. The hobo shanking action is exactly the same, 1 button to shank, 1 button for your bonus weapons, and press Up to jump. This game seems almost shockingly easy compared to its predecessor (and its even harder NES port), however. Enemies are slow, dimwitted, and the dreaded Kung Fu Kickers are nowhere to be seen. The normal enemies now chase you up ladders and stuff, but there seem to always be an easily manageable amount on the screen, and the layot rarely puts you in diabolical situations. Outside of some cheap hits you're forced into in the railroad level, this is one of the easier arcade games I've ever played. You can also stockpile bonus weapons now - when you use up the one you currently have, the next one in your arsenal automatically becomes available, and if you die you only lose the weapon you are currently holding, but not the rest of the stockpile.

I think the original Green Beret did the best job of finding a sweet spot of challenge. The NES port was too hard, but this one snaps back in the other direction into being a little too easy and mindless. Soundtrack is also kind of strange, the first bit of every level just sounds like Phil Collins noodling on his MIDI drum set or something, but then towards the end it suddenly kicks into epicness. Like the previous games it also has an overall length of only about ten minutes without dying.
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