GREEN BERET / Konami / Arcade
More people are probably familiar with this game as Rush'n Attack on the NES, but it started life as the arcade game Green Beret (getting the name change solely for the releases in the U.S.). The NES version is a heavily remixed version of what first appeared here, though the core gameplay is the same - you run left-to-right through an apparent Soviet military base, shanking everything that moves. Enemies with guns now appear immediately, though they don't seem to start actually shooting until the second level. The bonus weapons also change by level - the first level is now a flamethrower (complete with graphic immolation death for the enemies), with the bazooka not appearing until level 2.

Surprisingly, the game is actually a bit easier than the NES port. The dreaded Kung Fu Kickers don't even appear regularly until level 2, the first ones you see are a couple tossed in during the "boss rush" of enemies at the end of the first level. You're also tossed a lot more bonus weapons than you are in the NES version, almost a ridiculous amount in the first level. Play also seems to be more reflexive throughout and less based on memorization.

By taking it a little bit easier, Green Beret becomes a lot more enjoyable than the eventual (more famous) NES port, and thus gets bumped up in the ranks a bit. The only major step backward is that the catchy NES chiptunes are not here, replaced by rather boring generic military snares.
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