A port of the arcade release originally known as Green Beret, Konami apparently felt an anti-Soviet slam in the title would boost sales in 1988 America. Probably right too. Oh well.

Rush'N Attack is an odd duck even for the time - it's basically a run-n-gun, but without the gun (run-n-shank?). Instead you are packing a short-range hobo knife, and only occasionaly get the chance to pick up a 3-shot bazooka from a guy in orange who doesn't really get the concept of "hiding." The bazooka is best preserved for the "boss rush" of enemies faced at the end of each level; it gets the A button all to itself, jumping requires you to push Up.

The game is heavily dependent on timing, and on recognizing enemy colors which tell you what they're going to do. Early on you learn that the red dudes are Kung Fu Kickers who jump over your knife when they close in, usually by getting kicked to death in the face about 5 seconds into the game. The yellow guys introduced on the 2nd level are the Terminators, who unlike the previous troops will double back on you if they pass you, can climb ladders, and take pistol potshots at you endlessly once you're lined up with them. So on and so forth.

Rush'n Attack is actually a pretty neat variation on the run-n-gun formula, but it's done in by over-difficulty. Later levels are very memorization-based and annoying to learn by trial-and-error; apparently this was to mask a very short overall game length, as if you watch the speed run linked below you can see that with no deaths the game can be completed from start to finish in a little less than 10 minutes.
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