MEDIEVIL / Sony / Playstation
MediEvil has kind of a charming graphical style that's held up well even though the game is now almost 15 years old. What hasn't held up so well is the gameplay, this being firmly in the mold of clunky early 3D PS1 platformers, just with some sword-swinging and cursory "adventure elements" tossed in.

"Gothic Gothic Gothic!" is what the game screams at you, at least if you go to buy it on PSN. Unless you qualify "cartoony Halloween stuff" as "Gothic", however, then not so much. Even so, it's cute, was a graphical tour-de-force when it came out, and still looks pretty decent all things considered. You walk this lanky skeleton through a series of levels; he can jump, has a couple different types of sword swings, can run by double-tapping, and picks up various different weapon types and items along the way. The game is kind of like a much more forgiving 3D Ghosts N' Goblins, and with a more developed but sillier story.

Unfortunately the game is a bit sloggy and boring on the whole, as you trudge about levels looking to pick up all the Widgets you need to open the doors leading to the exit. Our man Skeleton Dan moves a bit slowly relative to the size of the levels; also, as with many early 3D platformers, depth perception is an issue with lining up attacks on enemies coming at you, and particularly with gauging distances when jumping platforms over pits. To its credit the game does let you rotate the camera freely, which you don't see often in these 1990s 3D platformer games. Still a little too clunky to hold up past the era it was released in, however.
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