OK, so the "2" in the title does mean that this is the sequel to something, there was a first Tifatan but it looked so horrible I decided to skip straight to the second one.

The game is basically a play on Irem's Kung Fu Master, but it stars Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 and the enemies are apparently trying to grope her to death. Also, each level ends with a boss battle against some wacky character - Lillith from Darkstalkers, Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury/KOF, mutant Abobo, SNK's Athena and finally Red Mage who seems to be the mastermind behind all this fondling. In the case of the female characters, a picture of them appears behind the playfield and when you knock off about half their health they get their ta-tas out for you. And these battles also end with the expected submissive nude pose suggesting you go on to molest them or something.

On the flip side, when Tifa gets grabbed by the enemies, you get a picture that shows them rendering her to various states of undress and taking increasing liberties with her person. If your health drains all the way down you get a scene where it appears that the enemies are pulling off her panties to rape her, for extra classiness.

Maybe the most mind-blowing thing about the game, aside from the fact that it is kind of fun to play, is that it is a commercial product. Seriously, both these games aren't freeware, some dudes in Japan actually expect you to send them money for this. I don't know how the copyright law works there but it is hard to believe that something with so many lifted characters could actually be legal to sell. Oh well.

The game goes for a pixelicious graphical style, but it seems to be intentional as the animation is pretty fluid. The hentai pics are kind of few and far between but what's there is actually pretty high quality, the girls look like what they are supposed to look like, no really weird body proportions or anything. Not a masterpiece, but fairly pleasant to look at all around. Sound/music is where the commerical status of the game seems to come to real benefit, as it actually has some pretty good original music and the sound effects are pretty nicely done as well.

The game plays like Kung Fu Master crossed up with River City Ransom and Street Fighter and it all works out surprisingly well. There's a combo system, a bunch of special moves, etc. It does get repetitive pretty fast, and the game is really way too easy as you have a ton of health, health items constantly pop up and Horny Healie restores you fully between each level. You basically have to be trying to lose and it gets pretty button mashy, but at least it is playable and engaging, which is more than you can say about 99% of hentai games

The game is kind of fun but loses its appeal really quickly. Even "kinda fun" is a major cut above the vast majority of hentai games, however. If it were a freeware game it would be less of a big deal, but I'd feel like a sucker if I actually paid for it.
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