What?! A hentai game with actual gameplay? Eroo, yep, Marble Cooking is actually a simplistic puzzle game where you play as this little witch who makes a trail of carrots that you call your rabbit partner to run along to kill enemies (the rabbit partner is actually part of some sort of staff somehow ... guess where that winds up by the end of the game.)

Aside from the gameplay, the other notable thing about this one is that the "reward" pictures you get (usually every three stages) seem to have a theme of "most uncommon, painful, cumbersome and unexpected household objects." I can't really tell whether these chicks are all challenging Marble to some duel and then catering to her sick whims when she defeats them, or if this passes for a polite "thank you" in Japan.

I think there's 9 levels (64 stages) total, they get pretty fiendishly difficult towards the end, but the game is structured so that all the levels are saved in their own little seperate data files, so if one gets too frustrating you can just copy it over with one of the easy early levels!

Graphics are pretty much stock stuff for a hentai game but the images are all high-res VGA. The actual gameplay looks like it was ported from the NEC-88, MSX or one of those other weird Japanese computers where they always made the stiff, clunky tile-based games. Generic bouncy hentai music and not much in the way of sound effects, totally forgettable sound work overall.

If you took out all the lunchboxes in the vagina and bird rape scenes you could have actually passed this one off as a decent puzzler in the NES or SNES era. There's a lot of levels, they start out really simple but gradually scale up in difficulty. It actually isn't too bad, I'm not sure why they wasted the effort on a hentai game but oh well.

The gameplay here is actually pretty decent, at least by hentai game standards, but the bizareness of the GIFs is off-putting.

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