This seems to play just like the first Princess Maker ... fortunately it's a native PC game with a decent English translation instead of having to mess around with confusing MSX emulators. You're some famous warrior that saved the kingdom from demons, but this time around The Heavens toss you some divine kid to raise. You get her on her 10th birthday and have to raise her until she turns 18. The game is split into months, in each month you can have her do three different things ... but really, it's more like 2 per month since if you don't give her time off she turns into a Delinquent and starts running away and selling her panties to pervy salarymen!

So it's basically a time management/stat-raising game similar to True Love '95, except there really isn't any sex or nudity. For the most part the game keeps it pretty tame and pedo-free. There's a few random events that lead to some disturbing implications, and I think in a few of the endings you can see the girl's buttcrack and maybe a side boob, but by that time she's 18 anyway so it's all legal, I guess?

Graphics are standard "hentai game" stuff from the late 90s era that gets the job done without any fanfare. I did like the subtle touches of your daughter changing as she ages - each year she grows more, but she'll also get a little chubbier and skinnier depending on her weight, and if you want to go full perv mode there's a "bust pill" you can buy to enhance her upstairs measurements. There's also some nice little details like, if you go on a vacation, the scene changes depending on the season and how old your daughter is at the time. Nothing fancy here but it works without any eye rape. The game's soundtrack is actually pretty good ... it uses a digital sampled style similar to the old MODs so popular on the Amiga. The music is mostly your stereotypical bouncy hentai stuff but there are some pretty good themes as well. I like how the main theme changes for each season and the music while out on an adventure was pretty awesome too. Sound effects are basically nonexistent but also not really necessary.

Gameplay is where the game comes up a big winner. You do have to have the patience for strategy games and a bit of grinding and experimenting, but the depth in all the routes your daughter can take is pretty impressive. I think there's at least 70 possible endings, determined by your actions during the game. You have to balance a fairly modest income with sending your daughter out to work, take classes, socialize at the castle for prestige and relationships, and so on. Plus there's all kinds of random events and complications that can crop up. It's really a very deep and pretty well-thought-out game, unusually so for something that sort of falls in the confines of the "hentai" genre.

I really expected a creepy pedo vibe from this one, knowing Japan's usual h-game standards ... and was shocked that there's barely anything objectionable at all! From the age of 10-14 the game pretty much lays off any sexual situations. Eventually you can send your daughter to jobs like "bar girl" and "cabaret" that are kind of sleazy, but no sexual stuff is ever really even implied ... after the age of 15 or so if your daughter's attractiveness stats are high enough, sleazy dudes might start propositioning her or a rich guy might try to take her as a mistress, but if she goes along with it all the gory details are kept well off camera. I didn't get any vibe at all of the dad diddling the kid, apparently there's one ending where she decides she wants to marry him, but apparently it's one of the most super complex to get. And she's 18 at that point and not a blood relation, so even then ...

Though I guess it could technically be disqualified from the "hentai" genre on having only a tiny sliver of sexualized content, it's still pretty much in the same market. Compared to the usual types of games we see here this game is amazingly polished, deep and just well-crafted in general. The menu style will probably turn off action fans but otherwise, it's actually a pretty great concept and a fun game to play (and has a lot of replayability), and is about 98% free of Pedo Vibe.

To me the most interesting thing is that the game leaves the possibility open to turn your daughter into a tramp or dress her up in revealing outfits or whatever ... but it doesn't push it on you, it actually kind of discourages it given that slutty dresses and getting into sleazy situations actually take a lot of conscious effort! So the game really reflects the person playing it ... if you're a perv you'll go for the pervy stuff ... but you're free to try to make your daughter into the next queen, or an artist, or a moral church-goer too. Totally up to you! Do what you want cause a father is free!
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