I never played the original Power Stone prior to this, but I had Power Stone 2 on my Dreamcast about a decade ago, and played the shit out of it for a couple of years. It's one of the most fun, anarchic multiplayer brawls in existence. Unfortunately it's never been available on any other platform (save the arcade originals, but the arcade version of 2 doesn't have all the features the DC port does.)

So naturally I was intrigued when this PSP port caught my eye. But there's one rather sizeable problem - the appeal of the game almost entirely revolves around multiplayer, and the PSP is now one of the worst platforms for that. There's no online play - multiplay is relegated to finding someone else with a PSP and a copy of the game in close proximity. That was a daunting task back when the PSP was at its peak, let alone in 2012.

There's no complaint about port quality, other than the requisite scrunching to get on the PSP screen, and now battle arenas take a mildly annoying amount of time to load even if you're running the game off the memory stick. Other than that, though, it's great. The game has been scaled down well and looks very crisp, vibrant and colorful - technically sharper than the originals, though it's harder to see the fine details without outputting to TV. And the gameplay works surprisingly well with the PSP's controls.

I'm baffled by the decision to release it ONLY on the PSP, however. It's like the thinking was: "How can we ensure that this amazing, unique, but totally obscure brawler STAYS totally obscure?" This game would have been so much better suited for any console, even with a PC release you'd have an easier time implementing online multiplayer. No digital download version of it has surfaced yet, unfortunately, so your best option is still dusting off an old Dreamcast with 4 pads hooked up to it.
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