Big colorful sprites and an interesting hybrid of hex strategy and side-scrolling action are unfortunately totally wasted on a game that has some of the most shit gameplay on the NES (and that's saying something.) This game is such a craptacular glitchfest that I have to believe they didn't even make an attempt to QA it, just shuttled it out to market in a 75% complete state or something.

You control Godzilla and Mothra as they take turns moving a couple squares across a hex map, while other lesser-light series monsters move toward them. I have no idea why this is happening as the introduction has the slowest right-to-left text crawl I've ever seen, and I felt insulted that whoever programmed this actually expected me to sit through that. Whatever the case may be, in each turn you can move either of your monsters up to 2 hexes, then they have to go through the "stage" of whatever hex they land on. This involves basically crashing your way through a bunch of human defenses - rocket launchers, tanks, jets and etc. This is not nearly as cool as it sounds thanks to janky hit detection/boxes and generally poor play control. Mothra glides through these sequences with relative ease and barely a scratch, but poor Godzirra has to clunk his way through on foot, taking heaps of unavoidable hits as he spazzily kicks down the mountains in his way. The designers seemed to realize this was bullshit for him, so seemingly every time you kick down a mountain you get a power-up that restores all your health just to keep the game playable.

Eventually the other monsters will catch up to you and challenge you to a mano-a-mano duel set against an exciting totally black screen. This is where Mothra's tactical advantage ends, as he tends to get corner-trapped, particularly by the hoppy little tentacle rapist guy who will just pin him in the corner and have his perverted way with him.

And in all this I didnt even mention the constant flicker and slowdown, as the game can't handle the tons of little pellets and enemy craft and whatnot it constantly blorfs up at you. What a nightmare. This is seriously one of the worst games on the NES. If you played this as a kid please get screened for PTSD.
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