Chaos World is another one of those NES games that isn't particularly bad in and of itself, just too dated and primitive to really be enjoyed anymore. For 1991 on the NES the production values are actually really good, but the game is a grindy by-the-numbers RPG slog the likes of which would be reproduced into oblivion in the decade following it.

The one unique quality here is choosing a character class and gender, which actually have significant effect on spells, abilities and equipment throughout the game. But you're thrown into a linear, generic "save the princess" sort of plot, which involves a hellacious encounter rate and a lot of grinding right from the first few minutes. The battle system is unique, but not particularly good - you are limited to simply choosing a formation, then the characters auto-fight, including healing on their own, which needless to say can get frustrating.

The gameplay and story never really offer up anything interesting or original enough to sink in the hours of Grindan required.
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