This looks like an attempt to do Wing Commander on the NES, but honestly I have next to no idea what the fuck is going on. After some Manhunter-caliber cutscene of your dood clambering into his ship, you're dumped off into the middle of space with zero idea why you're here or what the hell you're supposed to be doing. Youtube videos indicate you can get to some bizarre Ascii map of the galaxy or something, but hell if I can decipher it. Flying about actually feels solid and kind of satisfying but all I could ever find was some space station that packed up and ran away from me in Benny Hill style whenever I approached it. Eventually you die because the Mother Ship you were supposed to be protecting (where the fuck is it?) gets owned by l33t Kilfurries or something. What is even I don't this. Make sure you get a manual with this or it's virtually unplayable, I guess. Retains 1 point because maybe I missed something critical, but I suspect it's just shit.
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