For the last 15 years or so I've had a game idea rolling about in my head that combines 2D space sh'mup action with turn-based strategy. At first blush I thought R-Type Command might be something like that game ... but it turns out it's just regular ol' turn-based hex-grid strategy with no action. The only unique hook is that it uses ships and monsters from the R-Type games.

Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but now it's competing with a whole huge field of general turn-based strategy ... and doesn't compare very favorably. Battles are slow, tedious, ploddy progressions where you and the enemy trade scratch damage back and forth, mostly just waiting around to charge up your Supar Cannonz and try to get in a good position with them. What story there is to the campaign mode is told solely in squinty text scrolls between missions. And strategy tends to devolve to just gangbanging the lead enemy ship with long-range missiles, since no other strategy really works, but THAT one works REALLY well.

It isn't a horrible turn-based strategy game, but it's an unremarkable and kind of boring one, and the almost unacceptably basic graphics and repetitive map designs don't help its case any either.
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