(Edit: Since this review was published, a new version of the game was released which adresses some of the complainypants complaints that follow, such as the lack of save/password. I'm not gonna bother playing it though; and unless they completely overhauled the level and boss design the score would stay the same anyway. Download link below should take you to the new+improved version.)
This game was released by Capcom (for free) to celebrate both Street Fighter and Mega Man's almost-simultaneous 25th anniversaries ... don't Fangasm all over your desk just yet, though, as it's not a Capcom in-house production, but just a one-man fan game made in Game Maker that they picked up for "official release" and gave their blessing to.

And it shows. The game does have default support for the Xbox 360 pad ... but there's little to no dead zone, so on the level select screen you kind of have to push in the general direction in the level you want to go to and wait for the spastic cursor to decide to wander over there. It almost doesn't matter which level you pick initially, though, as there's no real clue about boss progression in this one. At least in the previous games there's some general clues, I mean the man who is a tree probably is not going to like having saw blades thrown at him and etc. Here, who knows. Which is a problem as the levels are short and not all that challenging for the most part, but the bosses are a twitch-fest nightmare on the order of the most bullshit of the Mega Man X games. The only ones I could actually take down with the Mega Buster were Ryu and Chun Li, and Ryu was still a little iffy and took a few tries.

The Game Maker nature also manifests itself with almost constant slowdown on even a very good computer, and there's no save or password system whatsoever! I guess the thinking was that since the levels are short and uninspiring, it wasn't a big deal to expect people to complete the game in one setting. Two shit design decisions = 1 great taste together! I guess.

SFxMM reminds me of games like Contra 4, where an established property that was known for being over-difficult in certain places and installments falls into the hands of a bunch of kids a decade or two later who think that that was ALL the entire series was about, and that "paying tribute" to it means airlifting all the shittest bits of the old games in (cheap hits, spastic reaction-based bosses, obtuse weapon progression, no saving) and spamming them non-stop. Basically this type of game is not designed for you, it's designed for this kid:

I guess it's basically OK though, with neat sprite art, neat chiptunes mashup music, only a 30 MB download and free as well. So whatevs. I couldn't take more than about 30 minutes of it total though. One of those games that is much more "neat" than "good."
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