MEGA MAN / Capcom / Game Boy
Though GB Mega Man uses four robot masters from the first NES Mega Man (Elec, Ice, Flame and Cunt Man) and remixed versions of their musical themes, the levels are actually entirely new. The game doesn't get the 2/5 for failing to capture the gameplay style of the NES games; actually, it does an amazing job there, seeming to barely miss a beat within the Game Boy's limited confines. It gets the low-ish rating for the level design, which is way too finicky and demanding, almost I Wanna Be The Guy-esque in the way it cheaply ambushes you at times, and forces you to learn by dying repeatedly then memorize an exact sequence of moves to get through everything. Some people get off on that, but if you like more reflexive and natural play, this one definitely isn't the Mega Man game to grab. It's seriously harder than even the first Mega Man game for NES.
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