GHOST HOUSE / Sega / Master System
Ghost House is really nice-looking for 1986, and shows off the color capability of the Master System well (and how much better it was capable of looking than the NES.) That's about the end of its value, though, as it's an overdifficult game packed with frustrating cheap bullshit.

So you're this elf that for some reason has decided to take on the creatures of the night with only his meaty Alex Kidd fist. Fortunately, he's a robust little dude and has a pretty long life bar. The gameplay is really a sort of mashup of The Goonies II/Dr. Chaos and the Alex Kidd games, just without the adventure game aspects of the former (no first-person rooms to walk into and a much smaller overall map.)

Alex Elf seeks out the five vampires lying about in coffins, but encounters all sorts of annoying bullshit along the way. The first is the grating repetitive tune that constantly plays in the background. There's also shitty invisible gaps in floors to fall through everywhere. And for some reason, if you jump into or get knocked into a ladder at the bottom of the screen, you just fall right through it, which resets all the monsters on the previous screen when you clamber back up. There's also this unseen asshole that inexplicably hucks darts and knives at you from off-screen periodically; according to some Youtube video I watched, you can jump on the knives to get them as a weapon, but that never actually worked for me (I got points for stomping on them but couldn't pick them up or equip them in any way.)

Too clunky and dated, the end.
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