Harvey Birdman patterns itself after Phoenix Wright; the game alternates between investigation segments where you interview people and find evidence out in the world at large, and courtroom battles where you have to pick apart witness testimony using that evidence. If you haven't seen the show, however, it's like most of Adult Swim's fare; non-stop surreal/stoner humor. Not that that's a bad thing; Harvey Birdman is possibly the best-written of that whole bunch of mini-cartoons that started up in the early 2000s. When translated to game form, however, it makes for a game with very uneven difficulty; there's really almost no difficulty for most of it, as you can't die, red herring items are rare, and you're led by the nose to nearly everything. The few moments that are challenging, however, are because they employ bizarro moon logic that's a matter of total guesswork on your part.

Still and all, the product as a whole is enjoyable (if you like the show), because nearly everyone involved with the actual cartoon gets involved with the game here, so the game's five cases are like five new episodes (with a few recycled jokes.) The writing is on par with the actual cartoon, and the only major missing figure in the voice acting cast is Stephen Colbert (but the replacement for his characters is pretty much spot-on ... unfortunately Myron Reducto gets almost no screen time as a result)

You're looking at maybe 4 hours of gameplay total, with little else to do with the thing after you've completed all the cases, but it's funny and well-written enough to be worth a couple bucks if you're a fan of the show.
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