THE TIN STAR / Taito / Arcade
HOLY SHIT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS GAME ALL MY LIFE! When I was a little kid, I actually lived in a little apartment right above an arcade ... it was small and only had like six games at a time plus a pinball machine, but they rotated them every few months, so for 2 years or so I got to play a bunch of stuff. The Tin Star was one of those games that was in there for only a few months ... I've always remembered it, but could never remember the name, and could never find it browsing through MAME screenshots and such.

The reason why it probably never gets played is because it had this unique, funky control setup:

This allowed you to rotate the arm of your gunman dude (Mario Mario's ancestor?) freely and shoot in any direction as you moved around. For the early-mid 80s this was a pretty unique scheme and I remember it being fun as a kid and one of the games we played more often than the others. In MAME it's not so great as the devs apparently still haven't gotten to its weirdo control scheme and its hard to get something working with a gamepad or the keyboard that actually works playably. I got a halfassed scheme going that allowed me to get to the 2nd level (inside the saloon) but it's too clumsy to survive the barrage you face in there. Funnily enough, as kids, we could never get past this level either, so I still have no idea what lies beyond :(

Anyway, 3/5 for childhood nostalgia. With proper controls it's actually surprisingly good.
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