EVERYDAY SHOOTER / Johnathan Mak / Sony PSP
Everyday Shooter is a neat little shooter with the Robotron control scheme (fire independently in 8 directions as you move using the 4 face buttons.) It has more of a complex rule set, though, with a "chain" system that shifts rules every level, and also a much more trippy psychedelic sort of visual style than any of the old arcade shooters.

For the most part it's pretty fun, but there's a few flaws that kept it from permanent residence on my memory stick (where Super Stardust Portable already has this particular itch covered.) The first is the structure; the game's levels are entirely linear, and you have to earn points by playing them over and over to unlock them in a standalone format. What that breaks down to is that for the first 2 hours or so of gameplay, you're forced to play the same "arcade mode" from the beginning over and over every time you deplete your three lives, and there's really no other modes of play to switch to. You also don't know the new rules of each level's bonus/chaining system when you arrive, and have to figure them out through experimentation, which can lead to more deaths and more having to restart and play the old levels over endlessly. Your ship is also literally just a small white blob of pixels, and likes to get lost in the midst of various explosions and flashing backgrounds; sometimes it's also hard to sort what's harmful to you and what isn't as there's just too much colorful shit flying around all at once. While the game usually looks pretty nice in its own simple, unassuming way, it's also prone to get muddled.
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