EXIT / Taito / Sony PSP
Exit has a neat visual style, and is sort of in the mold of the ol' rotoscoped action-platformers like Flashback, Out of This World, and Blackthorne. Unfortunately, the highly detailed animation of the active characters is not balanced nearly as well here as it is in those classics; the game is just too slooooooooooow. Every animation takes goddamned forever to unfold and then return control to you, from simply walking down a flight of stairs to pushing or climbing an obstacle.

The story is you are a dude named Mr. Esc who specializes in rescuing people from burning/collapsing buildings. Mr. Esc doesn't seem the best suited to the job given his sluggardly pace in doing everything, but we'll try to make it work somehow. The game actually feels like a follow-up to the obscure SNES title S.O.S., though instead of exploring one sprawling environment you take on a series of 100 much smaller self-contained environments. But the premise is basically the same; different types of rescuees have to follow you out of the building, and they all have different physical capabilities (ex: the older guys can push big stuff but can't climb it without help), so you have to plot around these various obstacles between you and the door, all with a timer ticking off in the background.

But, as mentioned before, the game is a chore to play because Mr. Esc is just so sloooow in doing everything and responding to your commands. It's not helped by the survivors constant generic repeating whiny voice clips as they follow you ("I'M STICKY! WHHHY ME! WHHHHYYYY!").
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