FAMILY FEUD / Global Star Software / Playstation 2
Family Feud isn't the greatest show to try to convert to a video game, but the execution here is still all kinds of bad.

You start out by creating a family, or just playing with a totally randomized one ... creation options are pretty limited and they all look like suburban polygonal lumps anyway, so you might as well just go random every time. Graphics are about as "budget" as it gets, and the game's music is limited to a generic porny beat that throbs non-stop from the title screen through the actual game. None of the celebrity hosts of the show like uh ... Von Winkeldorf or Biff Stiff or whoever are licensed to be here, so it's just some generic schmo.

Aside from punching in answers on a virtual keyboard being annoying all in and of itself, there's a few significant gameplay problems. One is that if you set the computer difficulty to "average" or higher, it psychically knows the answer to everything and never seems to make a mistake. Set it to "beginner", however, and its completely derpy, passing constantly. There's no middle ground. The other problem is that the way the questions and answers are phrased are often really weird and arbitrary, and you can tell when the computer is feeding itself answers when it picks some bizarro answer bang-on and it's in the top choices.

Oh well. Shoestring game show conversion is shoestring, what else is new. Doesn't even have much unintentional comedy value, still could be good for drunken 2 players or an actual lame family or something though.
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