CASTER / Elecorn / PC
Caster is an interesting idea but it doesn't come off well at all, burdened mostly by a really cumbersome and crappy camera system.

I guess it's meant to be some sort of approximation of one of those animes where people jump around crazily and fire psychic spells at each other (it reminded me of Bastard! for the SNES more than anything, or a really clunky FF DIssidia). Except since it's an indie title done on a shoe string budget, it looks like an early PS1 game. You choose a guy or girl Caster and take them through a series of missions that generally involve picking up glowy orbs while shooting up critters. Points you get in-level are used to upgrade your abilities between levels; you have four types of attacks plus a dash and a super-jump.

The chief problem with the game is that no matter what control set-up you use, the camera is sluggish as shit and inadequate to keep up with the action. The game feels like it should be at home with a gamepad, and native Xbox 360 support is provided, but the camera then has to be controlled with a combination of the right stick to move up-down and the shoulder buttons to move right and left, instead of just freely looking with the right stick. Wha? WASD thus is almost necessary, but it's not a lot better as the mouse moves even more sluggishly than the stick does. Meanwhile most levels have you up against heaps of spastic enemies that jump around and fire frantically, and you lose sight of them way too often and get roasted. You also can't take very many hits, compounding the problem.

The game also ballyhoos "deformable terrain", but in my short time with it there was extremely little that actually could be effected in any way.
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