GREED CORP. / W!Games / PC
Greed Corp is a turn-based war-strategy game that is at once simplistic and inventive. It's kind of the "speed chess" of war games; very few unit types and simplified rules, but with only 60 seconds given each turn to decide what you want to do.

You play on small maps of hex grids, and there's really only four unit types - Walkers, Harvesters, Cannons and Carriers. Walkers are your basic attack unit that claims new territory, but they don't have any kind of strength ratings; everyone's Walkers are identical, and Walkers kill each other when attacked, so killing groups of them comes down to simply having a larger pile than the one you are attacking. A bit like Risk, I guess. Harvesters mine your gold, but they do so by violently stamping all the ground that touches the hex where they are based; each hex has a "height" rating, and when the height is depleted it falls apart and takes anything standing there with it. Cannons are powerful ranged attacks, but cost a lotta gold to fire. And carriers allow walkers to move several hexes per turn, but also cost a lotta gold to purchase.

The way this all plays out is different from any war game that I've ever played, and it really makes it feel a little more like a board game. Though nothing earth-shaking it's pretty enjoyable and not a bad pickup for a few bucks.
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