This is a compilation of previously released arcade games. They're listed as follows, with the links going to our review of the original game:
Though big, this just isn't a very good collection. The "highlight" games of it (Space Invaders, Qix, Elevator Action, New Zealand Story) were great and innovative in their time but have all not aged particularly well. The rest of it is a combination of Taito's crappier clone knockoffs of better games of the time, and obscurities that are obscure simply because they weren't very good to begin with. And why are we stuck in the 1980s? Taito released some good stuff in the 90s, but the decade goes entirely unseen here for some reason.

Compounding the problem is that all of this stuff was released for the PS2 in two other compilations not long before this PSP version came out, so it's kind of a redundant purchase for anyone who was already a big time Taito fan. They tried to "add value" by "upgrading" four of the titles exclusively for this PSP release - Crazy Balloon and Balloon Bomber look better and are markedly less frustrating, but The Legend of Kage just looks like it hastily had some mediocre 3D models pasted into the old gameplay engine, and Cameltry I found to actually be more obnoxious and confusing than the original.
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