1942 / Capcom / Arcade
Ah, 1942. The game made by a Japanese company where you play as a lone crazed American pilot flying all the way from the U.S. to Japan to singlehandedly bomb Okinawa. Wonder if anyone commited ritual suicide over their participation in this game.

It would be especially unfortunate because this really isn't a good shooter, not even for the time it was released. It has 32 levels of drab, samey environs and enemies, and is also bullshit cheap quite often. The enemies constantly do loopy swoopy figure 8s and poop out tiny little hard-to-see projectiles at you at the last minute. The game's whole difficulty is predicated on being annoyingly random and unpredictable, like when giant aircraft suddenly spawn at the bottom of the screen out of nowhere while you're engaging a bunch of swoopy poopers in front of you. A few levels into the game you start flying over forests and grey lakes that make it really hard to see the tiny bullets coming at you. And the whole time there's this one peice of really obnoxious music blaring, it kinda sounds like the stuff they play at Japanese baseball games.

Too overdifficult, cheap and annoying. Horribly dated game that was already behind the curve a little when it came out.
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