TOUCHMASTER / Midway / Nintendo DS

Gamers are most familiar with Midway for Mortal Kombat and their older arcade games, but they also make a line of those bar countertop games called Touchmaster that are ubiquitous in watering holes all over the Western world. So this is basically just a port of some of those to the DS. If you don't spend much of your life getting all sticky and smokey in some dive and have never seen one of these things, the games on hand are pretty much comparable to Popcap/Zynga/"Flash portal" type stuff.

In other words, cheap and about as "casual" as it gets. There's 23 of these things, with a broad range of types (from a Bejeweled clone to 2 forms of Yahtzee to a trivia quiz), but in keeping with standard bar style, none are particularly substantial or well-made. You have to consider these things are originally made to suck change out of the pockets of people in various stages of Plastered however, so don't expect much.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video