RHYTHM N' NOTES / Agetec / Nintendo DS

Rhythm N' Notes tries to sell itself as musical edutainment - a tutorial for learning basic notes, chords and time signatures. Really, what it is is a slapped-together mishmosh of a button-press rhythm game and those old boring, poorly organized music books that always threatened to turn you off to an instrument right away with their sheer boring obtuseness.

First off, the information is poorly laid out. There's two modes of play - Chord Practice and Rhythm Practice. I'm not sure the designers finished with Chord Practice before shipping. Actually, I'm not sure they even STARTED with Chord Practice before shipping. The game just kind of dumps you into random lists of chords without explaining what the hell is going on or what to do to advance the lesson. I never did figure this part out beyond that.

Ostensibly, the actual "game" part is Rhythm Practice, in which you either tap the screen or press L or R to keep time with the beat, to learn time signatures. Picture Parappa the Rapper without any color, imagination, enjoyability or even music and you've pretty much got this mode. But it can't settle for merely boring, it has to be insanely demanding as well! Miss one note and you have to do the whole lesson over again. And it pads the time out by constantly needlessly repeating a demonstration of the time signature with a patronizing SEE! DO YOU SEE NOW??!!! in between every interactive segment. Jesus.

Get this game for your children if you want them to hate music, I guess.

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