CAMELTRY / Taito / Arcade

This is probably a dated reference, but back in the pre-electronic-games days, a popular kids toy was a wooden box maze with a marble in it, where you physically rotated the box itself to try to guide the marble through (I had one when I was really little, but even then they were considered old-fashioned.) Cameltry is the only game I can think of offhand that tries to replicate that in electronic form. It maybe also takes some cues from Marble Madness and the bonus level of the first Sonic game. I dunno.

Anyway, it's actually a pretty fun game and a neat concept. It's saddled with one major problem, though. When you insert your quarter, you are asked to pick from one of four "zones" of varying difficulty, each made up of six levels.  When you finish a zone successfully ... game over, there goes your quarter. I was expecting to be let on to the next highest zone, but no. Game just eats your money and lols at you.

I'm not letting that affect the score *much*, as nearly everyone playing it these days will be doing so through MAME, an arcade compilation or the smartphone port. But the game would go up a ratings notch if it had a greater variety of levels and a better structure.

Videos :

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