Return of the Invaders not only spiffs up the graphics and sound of Taito's original Space Invaders, it adds varying enemy formations, attacks and types between levels. Sometimes they come marching in in standard Space Invaders style, sometimes they dive bomb a la Galaga, sometimes they say "fuck it" and just charge straight down the screen right from the beginning.

I like the look and variety. I'm not entirely sold on the new barriers. Instead of shooting through different parts of them, they just take an overall level of damage regardless of where they are shot, indicated by a light on them that turns from blue to yellow to red. After red, a slot opens in the right-hand side for you to shoot through, but if they take much more damage they just explode entirely. Sometimes you can score a power-up that sends a little repairman to fix them, though.

I really don't like those green armored things, that fire out some super speedy turd laser as soon as they're aligned with you. They seem like they were thrown into the game solely to suck quarters. Other than them and the iffy new barrier scheme, however, this is a pretty nice remix of the old arcade warhorse.

Videos :

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