So apparently Taito inspires Bubble Bobble via Chack N' Pop ... then turns around and clones Bubble Bobble with much less success. But, per usual for them, they add just enough of a twist to not make it seem like a complete and blatant ripoff. Instead of floating bubbles, we're dealing in surprisingly dense cakes.

You're a witch who can turn monsters into delicious cakes. But then you have to push them off a ledge or jump on them to finish them, or in a few seconds the cake turns back into a monster. You can also drop cakes off a ledge onto another monster to squish them to death (don't ask me how all these physics reconcile with each other.)

The game is actually an OK little puzzle-platformer and better designed (meaning: less cheap quarter-sucker deaths) than Taito's usual early 80s arcade fare. It's nothing special though.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video