CHACK N' POP / Taito / Arcade

I see a lot of people claiming Chack N' Pop is the "progenitor" of Bubble Bobble ... possibly, but don't expect the gameplay to be anything like it. It's really kind of a mess, unweildy and clunky, and with a bunch of confusing gimmicks. Chack is some marshmallow Peep or something that can do short jumps, and if a ceiling is low enough he can hop up and walk on it. He also chucks bombs to each side, though they don't go very far and are prone to bounce back on him, and if you get caught in their huge smoke cloud you use up a life.

I just don't get the rhyme or reason of this game at all, and I don't think the designers did either - I think they just kind of slapped it together. It's super cumbersome to get around and use bombs, and after you grab the heart (the first objective of each level), the resulting flood of enemies is almost impossible to negotiate past.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video