BALLOON BOMBER / Taito / Arcade

Hmm ... Taito's weird mishmash of Space Invaders and Crazy Balloon? The early 80s was officially the "throw everything and anything at the wall and see what sticks" period of arcade game development.

Anyway, you're a fixed turret scrolling left and right along the ground, a la Space Invaders. In fact, picture Invaders except all the Invaders are gone, and all that remains is that blimp thing that you shoot for bonus points at the top of the screen ... but there's a bunch of them, and they're all firing at you. And they're the recycled sprite from Crazy Balloon, just with a warhead strapped to it for good measure. When the enemies hit ground with their lasers, they create a crater which then becomes impassable to your turret.

It's alright, but quickly becomes frustrating as craters made by the enemies stick around between levels, virtually guaranteeing you'll be hemmed in and forced to lose a life every two or three levels even if you play well.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video