PSYCHIC WORLD / Hertz / Game Gear

Colorful and competent run-and-gun, but kind of blah due to oldschool gameplay restrictions. The setup is, you're a psychic girl working at a secret lab testing weaponized psychic powers, some monsters you're keeping for some reason break loose, and kidnap your sister whom you run off through a bunch of the usual improbable themed levels in search of. The biggest problem is that the default weapon, a tiny pellet that doesn't even go as far as the starting gun in Metroid, sucks butt and your jumping ability feels very stiff and blocky. You also can run afer holding down right or left for a couple of seconds, but I never encountered a part where this served a useful purpose other than moving along faster.

Things do improve a bit as you get weapon upgrades, and the different types of weapons destroy different types of background terrain, leading to some mild alternate pathing possibilities through levels. Apparently this port is actually chopped down quite a bit from the MSX-2 original version of the game, so that one might be more worth checking out.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video