COTTON: FANTASTIC NIGHT DREAMS / Success / Neo-Geo Pocket Color

I've never played a Cotton game before this one so I can't say how it stacks up to its "big sister" incarnations, but on its own merits (and considering its on the "barely more powerful than GBC" NGPC), this is a pretty well-executed and fun shooter. It's definitely on the easy side, but that's better for us non-hardcore sh'muppers.

The story is cutesy anime silliness about this young witch Cotton, who loves a candy called Willows so much she'll blast through any dangerous situation to get one. She meets up with this random sexy fairy (who acts as her perpetual "option" companion in gameplay) who wants to guide her to Willows and combine them into a giant Willow for her own purposes. So we progress through a bunch of shooter levels, interspersed with cutesy intermissions where Cotton usually struggles against the urge to snarf down the Willows she already has.

Apparently, this is a straight port of the same game that was released for the arcade, Turbo CD and Playstation, so the other versions of it probably offer all this does with much better eye candy. This version is still quite solid though, and looks pretty good for an 8-bit handheld. Apparently this version does have a bit of some levels trimmed out, however.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video

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