THE DETECTIVE GAME / Argus Press Software / Commodore 64

The Detective Game is one of those games that's conceptually more neat and interesting than it actually is fun to play. You're locked in a house with a bunch of people and have to solve a murder that occurs shortly after arriving; to do this you basically just search about looking for evidence to pick up. It has a neat and unique graphical presentation, particularly for 1986 (it's like Earthbound Murder Mystery), and the characters wander about the house of their own volition the whole game. The murderer is also trying to cover their tracks and periodically kills other people, and you have an overall time limit - I think an hour or so of real time - to solve everything.

Which is easier said than done because it can be a pretty obtuse game, and requires you to follow the thread of its logic all on your own without any handholding prompting or reminders. The menu interface is also a bit clunky, though moving about and talking to people is a lot more painless than most mid-late 80s adventure games. And the title screen music is eardrum-shredding, thankfully that's it for music except for a little riff when you find a corpse.

The reward for putting up with it is a murder mystery that is actually quite well written, and impressive atmosphere for a 1986 Commodore game.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video