BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA / Electric Dreams Software / Commodore 64


Big Trouble In Little China is one of my favorite movies ever, so I'm extra bummed that the only gaming incarnation of it was this crappity Commodore 64 game that looks like it was thrown together in about 3 days or so.

We start out scrolling right-to-left for some reason ... you've got control of Jack Burton, Wang and Egg Shen (whom you can swap between at any time), but aside from their badly digitized facial portraits you'd never know as the sprites all look like some sort of generic karate mooks or something. They all have different kick animations, but they all suck equally. Control is terrible and collision detection is dodgy as fuck; it would have been regarded as sub-par on the Atari 2600. No music whatsoever either, and just some generic "boom" sound effect when you hit an enemy.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video