RICK DANGEROUS / Microplay / Amiga

Hmm ... OK ... picture the game Spelunker but not as anal about falls ... but still pretty annoying to play. That's Rick Dangerous. Rick's vaguely racist adventure takes him through caves trying to avoid touching the "Gulu" tribesmen whilst grabbing treasures and such. Rick does that thing that a lot of Amiga platformers do where you can't attack unless you're simultaneously moving forward ... also his weapon is ridiculously short-range and I can't even tell what it's meant to be, looks like the butt end of a small flashlight that he kind of casually presents to his foes. The Gulus care not for White Devil technology and send him to his screaming death, over and over. Also seems to be shit tons of unmarked traps lying in wait that you have to get killed by at least once to learn about, which is another crap design element to throw into the shit sauce we have brewing here. Apparently later Rick somehow winds up in Egypt and then there's Nazis, but I doubt either of those things improves anything.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video