BARBARIAN 2 / Psygnosis / Amiga

Alright Barbarian 2, are you any less shit than your prequel? ... actually, yes, you are! Though still quite clunky, this is a major step up from the absolute garbage that was the first game.

Our introduction - some evil sorceror wakes and bakes, then turns into Ghost Rider and invites you to play some kickball? Barbarian apparently turns down the offer though, preferring to roam aimlessly through the forest and slaughter anyone he meets. Good old nonsensical Amiga intros that focused completely on graphical and sound effects at the total expense of coherency.

Barbarian 2's biggest improvement is that you now have direct and responsive control over the Barbarian, instead of just giving him suggestions that he follows at his own leisure. The downside - the game still has to overcomplicate all sorts of basic things. Moving around and jumping are much better, but swinging your sword (once you find one - the game starts you out bare and forces you to cannonball over the heads of bandits for a few screens to find one) is still clunky. You can't just swing with the action button - you have to be moving forward to do a forward swing, simply pressing it just makes him twitch and grunt uselessly. There's also this weird rule about if an enemy is too close, you can't forward-swing any more, and if you swing at each other simultaneously, their swing takes priority and hits you while yours does no damage even though visibly connecting. It's easier to swing while crouched, though a lot of the smaller enemies still go right under it and there seems to be nothing you can do about it. Trying to jump and swing simultaneously to hit the flying enemies is an absolute nightmare.

The game manages to rise above the epic levels of shit of the original, but really stil kind of sucks.

Videos :

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