BATMAN RETURNS / Konami / Amiga


The broody pipe organ music combined with the Konami logo at the outset got my hopes up for a few seconds ... turns out this is just another one made by the poosters who made the first two Batman games for Amiga though, the publishing rights just switched hands from Ocean apparently.

They were so in love with their broody introduction they make you sit through it every single time you fire up the game ... no skip button that I could find. After that, you're dumped into a really slapdash beat-em-up with some of the loosest, floatiest excuse for play control I've ever seen. This would be embarrassing for an NES title, let alone a mid-90s Amiga release.

Kinda plays like the original Batman game for the NES, just 5x more shit.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video