BATMAN: THE MOVIE / Ocean / Amiga

This one's based on the very first Batman movie directed by Tim Burton. It's a bit reminiscent of the Atari arcade game in that it swaps between side-scrolling levels and driving levels, but it's an entirely new game in its own right. And a pretty damn short one - you can finish it in under 30 minutes if you know what you're doing.

This incarnation of The Bat can't jump and is limited to one action button, so to climb levels and get over pits he has to use his bat-grapple. This makes the game almost like Bat Bionic Commando, except it doesn't control nearly as well or have as good level layout as that NES classic.

It makes up for the very short length by being hard as hell and having no continues, save a mid-level checkpoint for your current series of lives. The very first mooks of the game got the drop on me by shooting diagonally through floors at my current position, which a lifetime of platformers and run-n-guns has taught me not to expect. There's also these clones of Bob from the movie everywhere, who lob grenades at you with just preternatural leading and precision, and will be the cause of 90% of your deaths. "You Bob ... are my #1 ... guuuuuuy ... your clones are #2 through #50!"

After the first level in Axis Chemical, you go immediately to a driving level, then to a Bat-Jet level that's pretty much the driving level recycled. Then finally to another side-scrolling level that I guess is supposed to be the bell tower, but looks more like some huge castle, complete with giant mutant spiders. It's definitely not one of Ocean's better Amiga efforts and looks like it was slapped together fairly quickly to take advantage of the movie's popularity window (wait until you see the final confrontation with the Joker), but I guess it's a passable balls-hard memorization-based platformer if you don't mind playing as a lumbering, stiff, tank-like Batman that can't jump. I did enjoy the fact that the grappling hook comes out at crotch level for no apparent reason and looks like Batman is shooting a grappling dong everywhere. Has fairly good music too.

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