CHAK'S TEMPLE / Sigma Team / PC

Chak's Temple is a pretty neat freeware game in the lineage of Breakout and Arkanoid. You're either some sort of Incan god, or an explorer, or both (I'm not really clear as English is not the design team's first language, as evidenced by their constantly referring to the bumper of your paddle as "the beating off part"). You scroll through a fairly long series of levels, each composed of screens where you have to clear away rubble, collect crystals, and eventually deal with enemies as well.

Simple but functional graphics and surprisingly good music help the game's case. The only real downside is that levels require you to clear every last bit of rubble and it can get tedious trying to peck out the last two or three trees or whatever. It's free and tiny though, and a nice little simple mouse-based game that you don't have to think about for a short work break or suchlike.

Links :

* Download (Sigma Team)