SUPER MONKEY BALL / Sega / Gamecube

Super Monkey Ball: Great for a multiplayer party game, single player is much more of a mixed bag.

Sega's monkey abuse simulator is in the lineage of Marble Madness. Ostensibly you're tilting the playfield around to make your little monkey-in-a-ball negotiate hazardous courses (usually a mile in the air for some reason), but it really just feels like you're rolling the ball around directly most of the time. Thankfully the game doesn't burden the whole thing with a story or cutscenes, just moving you quickly into the action with super-high framerates and almost no loading. Excellent call there Sega.

And never will the words "YOU FUCKING MONKEY" pass your lips more often than when you play this game. Courses go from a blast to a controller-hucking aneurysm-inducer in the blink of an eye. If you at all dislike tightrope-walking, stay far away from this game; at least the single-player aspect. Unfortunately, a long amount of time grinding away at the single-player levels is required to unlock some of the mini-games, though three pretty good ones are available for party gaming right from the start.

Videos :

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